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Appalachian Environmental Resources offers an exciting opportunity for industries that use solvents in the course of their manufacturing.  Solvent Recovery is a process in which a mobile distillation center processes spent solvents at the customer’s site, in runs of 1000 gallons or more.  After processing, the cleaned solvent is returned to the customer for reuse.


Good for the environment and the BOTTOM LINE!

solvent recovery


AER’s solvent recovery customers not only save on the cost of virgin solvent, but also on the handling, transportation, and disposal of hazardous chemicals.



Solvents that can be distilled and recovered include:


       ° Acetate/Acetone                   ° MEK/MAK                  ° Mineral Spirits                ° Toluene

       ° Alcohol                                  ° MIBK                         ° NMP                               ° Xylene


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