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Environmental Resources, Inc. 

         offers a full range of

      environmental services

  for businesses and industries.




Environmental Compliance Services:

We provide our customers with the environmental compliance services that make the most sense for their companies.  We review our customers’ operations and offer recommendations on the best way to comply with regulatory agencies in order to maintain the safety of their employees, their worksite, and the environment.  Whether our customers need an Environmental Compliance Assessment to determine areas of risk at their sites, or if they need to develop Environmental and Safety Plans, or require assistance in completing the required government reporting, our compliance team has the expertise and experience to provide these services.

 Click here for a full list of Environmental Compliance Services. 

Waste Management Services:

We provide a complete range of waste management services — waste removal, recycling, recovery and reuse, clean-out of tanks, ponds, and worksites, as well as emergency remediation response to spills and other accidents.  All of our services are provided in compliance with federal and state regulations and are with the purpose of keeping your business, your employees, and the environment safe.

 Click here for a complete description of Waste Management Services.

OSHA, DOT, and RCRA Training Courses:

We provide training that is customized to your needs, based upon an analysis of your facility.  Courses are presented on your site or in a professional classroom format by qualified instructors.

 Click here for a full list of Training Courses