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Creative Solutions

Appalachian Environmental Resources evaluates each customer’s needs before recommending our environmental services.  Each company is unique in its environmental requirements, and AER has the resources to provide each customer exactly what it needs — no more and no less.  We develop continuing partnerships with our customers, re-evaluating their environmental and compliance requirements as they grow and change.


Appalachian Environmental Resources, Inc. has provided waste management services for the Southeast Region since 2000.  We provide solutions for the waste management, environmental compliance, and workplace safety concerns for industries and businesses.  Not only do these solutions result in cost savings for the customer, but they can also relieve the burden created by compliance regulations that is often carried by Plant Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Human Resources Managers, or business owners, all of whom already have many other responsibilities.


Appalachian Environmental Resources’ team of experts is experienced in all aspects of waste management, environmental safety and compliance, and workplace safety.  Their combined experience includes extensive work in the fields of chemistry, biology, environmental science, and state agency environmental quality control.  We have specialists in groundwater, air emissions, solid wastes, hazardous wastes, environmental surveys, and other environmental fields.  Our strategic partnerships with licensed recyclers and hazardous waste disposal facilities allow us to be a one-stop shop for all of our customers’ environmental concerns, letting them participate with our other customers in the cost savings usually afforded to larger companies.


Appalachian Environmental Resources provides SOLUTIONS

to your environmental concerns.


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